Working with Maria Doering of Doering-Editions has proven to be an extremely productive and rewarding professional experience. With our collaboration moving into its third year, I have found her ability to understand and compliment my needs as a trans-disciplinary artist outstanding. A committed and accomplished print artist in her own right, she has been sensitive to my overall aesthetic requirements.  Respectful of my artistic intention and vision, she has addressed all questions, difficulties and/or doubts I may bring to the press. Technical challenges and obstacles are met with a cool problem solving head. Through her diligent hard work and her obsession for detail, we have collaboratively developed labour intensive projects from their inception to their successful completion. Her enthusiasm and disciplined organization makes no technical challenge too complex or insurmountable. I have found her personal work ethic to be admirable. A good natured human being, she is a pleasure to work with, complimenting masterful expertise with a healthy sense of humour and pragmatism.

François Morelli, 2014 (visit François’ gallery here)