Doering Editions is a fine art printmaking service, offering access to the knowledge and expertise of a master printer to visual artists interested in creating print projects. If you have ever wanted to create a limited edition print or series of prints, we can work with you to make it a reality.

Every project is different, and we will work with you to determine the best way to realize your vision. Doering Editions can come to you, provided a proper print studio is available for the creation of the project. Alternatively, we are based in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and can work with you to arrange for your project to be completed here using excellent, local printmaking facilities.

Every artist works differently. From fellow master printers looking for an experienced hand in the studio to artists completely new to print and needing a guiding hand through the entire process, we will work with you to ensure a smooth creation process.

About Maria Doering

Maria Doering is the founder and master printer of Doering Editions. Maria received her BFA from Hartford Art School and her MFA from Concordia University, both focused on printmaking, and has worked as a professional artist since 2003. Maria has experience with a wide variety of presses and with all major techniques in printmaking. She founded Doering Editions in 2010. Her art is available through her website, maria-doering.com.